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A Little Bit About Our History
Right out of High School, Bob Ollmann had one thought – to do what it takes to be the best automobile mechanic he could possibly be.  He packed up and headed to Phoenix, AZ to study at one of the country’s leading trade schools in auto mechanics, Phoenix Institute of Technology.  After completing their program in 1981, Bob returned to the Moberly area to settle down and start his family.  Bob spent the next 8 years in various dealerships around Moberly & Columbia, applying his skills as a mechanic and was rewarded by being named Service Manager at Orscheln Motor Company, Moberly’s old Chrysler dealer.  When it was announced that the Orscheln family was closing the dealership in the late 1980’s, Bob took the opportunity to start his own automotive repair business – Ollmann’s Automotive – and has kept it going ever since.
Soon after Ollmann’s Automotive was founded, it became clear that the original building would not be well-suited for the long-term home to the business.  After Skateland (known by many locals as the "old skating rink") – a mile east of Moberly on US-24 – closed its doors, Bob purchased the building and converted it to serve as the permanent home of Ollmann’s Automotive.  Bob started with a few jacks and a tool box, but has evolved Ollmann’s Automotive into modern repair facility, offering near dealer-quality repairs (without the dealership overhead).
Bob and his technicians offer an informal, but professional repair experience with the goal of making your vehicle perform its best.  Some might claim to be “cheaper”, but often the “cheaper” repair will compromise the customer’s safety and the long-term reliability of the repair.  The technicians at Ollmann’s Automotive approach repairs with the mindset of fixing vehicles to be safe and reliable - not to be the cheapest but to provide the customer with the most value for the money spent.

Something About Our Future
It wasn’t too many years back that a vehicle was considered worn out at 75,000 to 100,000 miles.  If you didn’t expect the vehicle to last, you wouldn’t worry about some of the maintenance items along the way that might have extended the vehicle’s life.  Many of today’s vehicles are perfectly reliable well past 250,000 – BUT many of the fluids and wear parts won’t last that long.  Regular oil changes, transmission services, coolant flushes and tune-ups are key to keeping a vehicle on the road for the long haul.

One of the changes in the automotive industry has been the reduced demand for “overhaul” type repairs.  Many parts are designed to be replaced as assemblies – which means you have to replace the assembly instead of the individual failed part.  The “tighter” designs implemented in many of the modern engines can cause what might start as a minor problem to be a major catastrophic failure - essentially, there is often no room for error.  With these precision engines, keeping the engine clean is the owner’s best defense.

Many engines now have complicated timing components that need a constant clean supply of oil, not only to reduce wear on the chains, but to operate the hydraulic timing adjusters that many engines use.  Once your engine oil gets dirty, it can become nearly impossible to get the contaminates cleaned out of the precision components that these systems use.  Consider that for most vehicles, regular oil changes - even with synthetic oil - cost less than $10/month on average, and a replacement engine can cost over $5,000 – that’s a lot more than $10/month.
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